#1 Online Karting Supplies


Kartshed Shed Racing (KSR) aims to be a leader in the karting industry by offering services in every aspect of karting by specialising in the following,

KSR's online super mega store has the aim to be the biggest in Australia by being able to offer parts from the major importers in Australia. We also have contacts in other parts of the world to complement our range of parts available. KSR is also committed to offering super competitive pricing and will aim to be a leader in this aspect. KSR will endeavour to offer fast and cost-effective shipping of all parts, to keep you the karter on track with the components you need.

KSR Engines has the experience & knowledge to repair, rebuild and maintain your engine to the highest standard to give you power and reliability to race at any level in karting. We have a fully operational dyno room with an Auskart Dyno, complete with the latest software to check, analyse and compare your engine. As we don't just rely on engine building for our business to run we can spend that bit extra time to make sure your engine is repaired to the highest standard possible, it is about quality, not quantity. KSR Engines has all the latest tools and equipment to be able to service your engine correctly and precisely.

KSR Repair Service is a one-stop kart repair centre. We can perform all aspects of kart repairs, whether it be on our purpose to build chassis table or fitting seats, changing tyres, pre-race servicing or whatever, no job is too small or too big. KSR also assembles new chassis to have you straight out on the track with a setup suited to you and your kart. We have machinery in the way as milling machines and metal lathes as well as all the other required tools to be able to perform any task required.

KSR Driver Assist,  this aspect is just as or even more important than that super engine or super setup in karting. KSR offers complete driver assistance in all aspects to make you a good driver. Having worked with some great drivers and alongside some big teams, has allowed KSR Driver Assist to go beyond what is required to assist you with your driving skills. Specialising in data analysis we can give you the competitive edge you require. KSR isn't about big teams or large numbers, we keep our team to a small manageable number so we can give you the time and assistance to make sure your karting experience is enjoyable and full of progression.

KSR Driver Assist is available for test days, race meetings or even during the day to discuss any aspect of karting.

If you require any of the above mentioned services, don't hesitate to contact us at KSR on 0438 303 224 or info@ksr.net.au